Aurora Borealis – one of the most incredible light phenomenones


Lise Stang Lund

Go and look at her amazing work!

She works with glass and light.  She says she has been fascinated by light and shadow ever since she studied at the SHKS (former name of KhiO, Oslo Academy of the Arts). Glass is a very rewarding material to work with in this context because of  the way it captures and forwards the light .

Fisheye x 88_v2

Come rain – come shine

It has been pooring down these last few days! But today the sun is back – making the world sparkle!

(Visual essay made out of photos found on Internet)


This is another visual essay I have made out of photos found on the internet. Again the light makes an important role in the story.

From inspiration to design

Welcome! This is the first posting on my very new blog. A completely new way of communicating for me. Hope you like my visual essay!

Daylight and shadows fascinate me and plays an important part in my work, both in furniture design and interior architecture. In this story I wanted to pair up pictures that go well together and where I link a possible source of inspiration to a final product.